Friday, February 22, 2008

A new Rapunzel - By my daughter Aishani

Tonight, after the 3rd storybook was read (yes, we did set a limit of 2 but ....) my 4 year old pleaded for another story - to be told by mommy storyteller. So I started with Rapunzel. Now, I am a bit guilty of converting the everyday fairy tale into a "story with a moral" and the moral usually hovers around " Always stay with mommy and daddy" or " Don't talk to strangers" or "Never Lie". Actually I have gotten pretty good at it and I glibly add bits here and there as to how the fairy or princess wandered too far or even spoke to the evil witch and consequently bad things happened.

Anyways, as usual I digress. My daughter insisted that she there was another story about Rapunzel and this how it went :

Rapunzel wandered away from home and reached the airport in Boston. She was on one side and her parents were on the other side and so they could not meet. She went into the wrong plane and sat on the wrong seat and reached the wrong destination. But as she was walking on the wrong side she suddenly found that her mom and dad were on her side and they hugged each other. Then they ran home. The End.

She told the tale joyously. I noticed the quite apparent absence of "hair", "witch", "tower" or "prince" which I tend to relate with Rapunzel. She insisted on the part when they all ran home. I actually checked with her since that was quite intriguing. So there, my little daughter's first very own story and hopefully there will be very many more to come. And hopefully mom and dad will still have some leading roles.

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