Thursday, October 2, 2008

Drawbridge Puppet Theater

Sleeping Beauty - proclaimed my daughter. That was the puppet show that she wanted to be staged when she called a few of her friends to yet another celebration of her 5th birthday. We have attended shows at the Drawbridge Puppet Theater earlier - Pinnochio and Red Riding Hood and have come away smiling and in awe. The shows are simply wonderful. Marionettes, Shadow puppets, Hand puppets - a medley of techniques used to create an enchanted hour.

But let us talk about the Sleeping Beauty Show itself. It was done so dramatically, and so interactively, the kids loved it and I suspect the adults were quite a bit mesmerized ! The fairy godmothers glided in and out and there was appropriate thunder and lightning with the appearance of the evil witch. There were some entertaining improvisations which included "You've got mail" announcements from the witch's crystal ball. It was quite impressive to see the marionettes face move along with the appropriate words - obviously ventriloquism was involved. The Princess herself was dressed beautifully and the Prince no less handsome. The dragon was stupendous and may have actually stolen the show.....The kids especially loved the backstage tour where they saw the puppets lined up to present their lines.

But that's not all. The hospitality of Paul and Dale were unsurpassed. They were so helpful with every little thing, it was almost like having a party at home - without cleanup involved! We are indeed thankful to them for such a smooth yet fun party hosting experience. Not to forget the food, other than hors d'oeuvres and other tidbits that we got from home, pizza was ordered from Center Pizza from across the street. I was a bit peeved by a "delivery charge" but the pizzas were humongous (32 slices each) and simply cheesy and delicious. The Theater also has a very cute gift shop where puppets of all shapes and sizes are available at extremely reasonable prizes. The kids picked some finger puppets to practice at home.

I do recommend all who are even a bit interested in taking their kids (or themselves) to a puppet show to try out this authentic old-style theater that produces some very entertaining shows.

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