Friday, July 9, 2010

Mass Audubon Drumlin Camp - Very Impressive !

2 weeks before the camp I received a call on my mobile and on my home phone, as well as an email reminding me that I have not yet submitted the information packet for my daughter's Farm Mania Camp. Of course, I had received the packet a couple of months back and in our truly crazy fashion, would have filled it out the night before the first day and handed it to a distracted counseler who would look harassed before anything had even started.

But this was not to be so, I was warned of a deadline and I *had* to fill out everything a week ahead (that is record breaking!) and Dad even delivered it on time ! The information packet was extremely detailed with what to bring, what to expect, questions about how to soothe your child if he/she is hurt. To top it all, there is even a website where you can view pictures taken each day of the week !

Everything about the camp was great and I fear I may make this an increasingly long post if I keep on writing. Starting from having dropoff/pickup stations (Shaggy Sheep, Tickled Turkeys and so on), asking for id for *every* pickup, not just the first day, having detailed report of any accidents - Aishani tripped on a root and scraped her knee-, to oranizing the days in a very well structured pattern - Monday was Cow Day, Tuesday was Chicken and so on, it was just so much fun along with being educational for the kids. The kids even made a theme appropriate snack everyday - butter from cream on Cow Day, oats and sugar mix on Horse Day and so on.

This was our first time and we are sure to come back next year. We liked it that the farm was closed to general public during camp hours. Apart from the program structure and execution, we found that that the counselers themselves were very passionate about what they were doing, they really seemed to like working with kids and enjoying it too!

I give it 5 stars, it has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and we as parents were impressed by the camp. To top it all, the week after the camp we received a detailed "Lost and Found" list email. Miraculously none of the items were ours but we are used to losing water bottles and bags in camps and never finding them ! And yes, I do label everything, in fact I highly recommend "Mabels Labels", but again, I digress.

Camp Timings-M-F 9am-3pm-Would have liked an extra hour
Camp After-Care - Available until 5.45 - did not sign up
Counselers - Excellent
Camp Content - Excellent
Camp dropoff/pickUp - Very Good
Camp Parking-Good-Better once you have figured it out 
Camp Cost - Members-$330 Non-Members-$430

Check out more at the Drumlin Farms official website.

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