Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Create Sew - An Exceptional Experience

Sewing in my family skipped a generation (namely me). My grandmother embroidered poetry with illustrations and my mom has made many a pretty dress for me. But unfortunately my creative talents completely bypassed this skill, and I confess I make do with safety pins and fabric glue.

My daughter, on the other hand is mesmerized by by anything that concerns using threads, yarns or needles. Be it making bracelets, weaving pot holders, attaching buttons or knitting scarves. all these are immensely enjoyable to her! So it was with considerable interest that I enrolled her into a sewing camp that I saw on one of my favorite websites : Suzy Said...

Create Sew - Founder and Director - Rebecca Szetela - offers a variety of sewing classes and camps for kids and adults.

Aishani attended a 4 day sewing camp this summer. She loved creating a dress for herself as well as a frilly skirt ! An extra perk was a pretty pillow with a funny face. There were 7 students in the class and 3 teachers. She learnt to use the sewing machine, cut fabric and learnt to hand sew along with understanding dress patterns.

She would love to go back there many more times ! It was a wonderful experience for her to create an outfit from scratch. It indeed was a perfect camp week. As a parent, if I am asked for any wishes that could be added to the experience, I would ask for 2 more things - for at least one additional hour, it would allow working parents like us a little more time if the camp ended at 3pm, currently it is 9-2pm for 4 days. The other request would be a more structured drop off. I usually have my younger one in the car and I am not comfortable dropping my daughter off at the doorstep if noone is there to receive her. So a parent has to walk downstairs to the workshop at the lower level. It would be nice if there was someone to recieve students at the door during the scheduled drop off time.

Apart from the fact that the kids are learning a very important skill, I think the process of creating an item that they can wear and use -  is a wondrous thing. The activity helps in increasing concentration, has a calming effect and teaches kid to provide dedicated and focused effort on a job from start to finish. I believe the benefits from this kind of a class/camp are very many.

The registration process was very well managed and one can pay online for the session. Rebecca is immensely good about sending the list of materials and requirements well before hand and welcomes questions and concerns. I would highly recommend Create Sew to budding seamstresses !

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Create!® Sewing Studio said...

Hi Arpita,
Thanks for your kind article and feedback. Posting someone upstairs to receive the children is a great idea! I believe this is a change we can easily make in our setup.

As for extending our day for working moms, we have talked about this extensively and have not yet come up with a solution. It would be challenging to do this with our present set-up, but we really appreciate your making us aware of the need.

Becca Szetela, Create!® Sewing Studio

Anonymous said...

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